Tefal Slow Juicer Juice N’ Clean (NEW)


Tefal Slow Juicer Juice N’ Clean (NEW)

Tefal Slow Juicer

  • 7h Power: 150W, RPM: 80
  • Easy Clean pre-cleaning technology does the work for you, saving you time and effort while making clean-up an after-thought.
  • Cold Press Technology ensure a high-level of juice extraction with minimal waste and maximum benefits
  • Touchscreen panel: 4 programs dedicated to the type of ingredients (soft or hard) and the type of recipes (ice cream or coulis), as well as a reverse function for unblocking stuck pieces.
  • Two filters for added versatility: for juices, ice creams, coulis, and jams
  • Speed setting: 4 + reverse

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